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To Better The Man

That simple statement is the core of our mission, “To better the man through the creation and perpetuation of brotherhood founded upon the values of character: Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor, and Patriotism.” Our values have helped us remain the tenth oldest national fraternity in the United States. As brothers, it is our goal to fulfill these values in every aspect of our lives: physical, mental, and spiritual. We strive to get every advantage in life while growing through the brotherly bond only found in fraternity living.

Through our pursuit of high scholarship, preservation of brotherhood, social activeness, college involvement and commitment to excellence, it is clear that we Alpha Sigs are truly dedicated to our founding purpose, To Better The Man.

Our Fraternity’s Five Values
We are a Fraternity founded upon the values of character. Our Values, once secret but made public in 2005, are what make us unique. Our Values call us to better ourselves through our actions and words. These are the values that we espouse:

He has the strength to embrace silence and the will to build an interior life founded upon an honest desire to truly listen to others. Trust in silence transcends the gulf that is created when men feel the need to compete in action or rhetoric. He is introspective and self-reliant.

He is charitable in the broadest sense of the word. A man who strives for a life of charity and service is more patient, kinder, and more forgiving of the flaws of others. A charitable man sacrifices of himself to help others and seeks no recognition in return. He is humble, reverent, and generous.

He consistently strives for purity of mind, body, and soul. The man who is pure of thought, word, and deed does not shrink from adversity or lofty goals. There is no self-pity, rationalizations, or apologies. He is moral and a gentleman in the finest sense of the word.

He lives a life of personal integrity, thereby accruing honor. An honorable man lives up to promises made— to others and to himself. A man of honor is not vain, and is willing to endure scorn or ostracism rather than conform to the pressures of peers, superiors, or the fashion of the day. He is ethical, honest, and trustworthy.

He loves his country, remaining consistently engaged in its affairs. He seeks to know his country and to pass that knowledge on to others. He is devoted to the principles of personal freedom, justice, and civic responsibility embedded in the U.S. Constitution that have made our country. He is loyal, proud, and humble.

Thus our Purpose is to Better the Man through the creation and perpetuation of brotherhood founded upon the values of character: Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor, and Patriotism.